Switching up Your Stimulus

Rhod Kelly BS, CPT

Rhod Kelly

The other day I had the honor of helping unpack some of the brand-new equipment for the ZONE and I am so excited for you all to use it! 

Not only is it all shiny and perfect, there are also lots of new pieces of equipment to use that we don't have in our current space. Now I won't spoil any of the specifics just yet, but this is a big deal! There is a huge benefit to using our new functional equipment and their accompanying exercises because it gives your body a new challenge to adapt to.

There is this term in the fitness world that you may have heard before called 'muscle confusion'. Essentially, this just means changing the stimuli given to the muscles. It doesn't mean that you are confused and can't figure out how to do the new exercises or use the new equipment. Your muscles are taken off guard by the new work you are asking them to accomplish and are prompted to adapt and improve. This is a great way to see continual improvement or push past plateaus in your fitness.

The simplest forms of 'muscle confusion' are adding more weight, increasing range of motion, or changing the reps and sets in your current routine. The more dramatic form is to change the exercises you are doing to new ones.

Did you know it is important to change up your workout routine every 4-6

weeks to see continual progress? This is the reason it's crucial to your personal fitness to learn new exercises and why I am so excited for you to use our new equipment.

Our new functional equipment in the ZONE is going to revolutionize your routines and give you tons of new opportunity for growth. 

Make sure to get registered for our new large group training sessions in the ZONE and experience the new equipment, enthusiasm, and progress we have to offer!