Fitness Member Survey Results

We heard from more than 100 of you! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your feedback. We are really grateful for it. Here is some of the feedback we heard:

  • You love our classes, our Members, and especially our friendly staff. Our trainers all got high marks, and you really appreciate their high level of knowledge & the personal feedback they offer in class. Generally, you love the class times, energy and music (ok, we'll watch the techno!), and you really feel like you seeing progress from taking the classes.

  • In both our Tennis and Fitness surveys, you said you want more YOGA. While our Saturday yoga class has been rocking, our Thursday noon Yoga class has been very small. Please email me and tell me what days and times you'd like to have a yoga class, and we'll see what we can add into our schedule for you.

  • We heard from both the fitness & tennis surveys that a "cheat sheet" on the Strong area equipment would help. Good news: Kendyl is drafting NEW "Cheat Sheet" workouts that will help you learn more about how to use the Strong floor equipment, in combinations that will give you a complete workout! 

  • We heard you want more nutrition information, which we'll be sure you start to see on the blog, newsletters & Facebook.