Take Back Your Health in 2018

Tyler Brown BS, CSCS

Tyler Brown


Alright, who remembers this? – Back in November, I proposed the “Maintain, No Gain” challenge to you, where the goal was to not weigh more come January 2nd than you did when you started.

If you took on the challenge, ask yourself (and be honest!), how’d it go??

Were you successful? Not successful? And WHY?

Regardless of how well you did, think back…What did you do that contributed to the outcome?

It’s good feedback for the beginning of this new year:

Too many treats?

Too much drinking?

Too much junk food in the house?

Too many parties?

Too much social pressure?

The holidays are tough. But so often, we have the desire to be healthier, we know what we can do to become healthier, yet we let everything and everybody else decide what our outcome will be…And then we complain about it!

My challenge to you for this month: Identify just ONE area of your life where that happens and think about what it would look like for you to not waver anymore. Does that excite you? Scare you? Make you feel like you’d miss out? Make you feel awkward? Do you think you’d be that “extreme” person?

Two things about this:

We like to preach “everything in moderation!” to each other, but think about it…does that ever help? Does that ever work?


Remember this – when you say “Yes” to something, you’re saying “No” to something else. When you say “yes” to that extra glass of wine or that extra treat at that extra party, you say “no” to better health and reaching those goals you say you have.

Please hear my heart in this! I DO THIS TOO…ALL THE TIME. This is for me as much as anyone! We have to take back our health. If you want to be healthy, it will take work. It won’t be handed to you. It will mean saying “no” to some things in order to say “YES” to YOUR health, YOUR goals, YOUR quality of life!

You know what’s exciting?

This is a NEW YEAR.

Take back your health in 2018.