Group Training Might be JUST What the Doctor Ordered

Kendyl Comiskey BS, CPT

Kendyl Comiskey


Everyone has a preference on the way that they choose to exercise. Whether it is coming in to get a good sweat by yourself, working one-on-one with a trainer to get individualized workouts geared toward your goals, or attending group training to get the benefit of working out with others, everyone has the “thing” that works best for them. But if you are getting bored with your routine and are looking for a way to switch it up, I have a solution: group training.

While working out alone or with a trainer is an excellent way to get in shape, the resource of group training offered by some clubs is often overlooked because not everyone understands the difference between group training and the run-of-the-mill large group classes. Here at BTTC, we are fortunate to be one of the clubs that has recognized the difference and capitalized on the opportunity to be one of the only health clubs in Bellingham that truly offers the best value in every group training session on our fitness schedule.

Large group classes like Zumba, the standard “boot camp” style classes, yoga, etc., are great if you are aware of exactly what you should be feeling, where you should be feeling it, and do not have any health concerns or limitations that need adjustments. Basically, if you are either a certified trainer yourself, or a robot, then large group classes are great. What large group classes lack that our group training emphasize is the coaching aspect. Our sessions allow a person to exercise with others while still getting individualized coaching.

Group training highlights the idea that each participant knows what “right” looks and feels like. Group training is not simply an instructor standing in the front of a room calling out orders and time. Group training coaches take the time to not only keep the training progressing as planned but are also able to provide one-on-one attention to those who need adjustment in a meaningful way. The major attraction that group training has (and that we want you to experience!) is the balance between overall guidance in a group setting with one-on-one attention when needed.

So, what about the people who feel like they cannot come to group training due to pain? Obviously, listen to your doc or physical therapist if you have been advised to stay away from the gym for a while, but if you have an area where you notice pain when you perform exercise (like during a squat, row, or lunge) then coming to a group training may actually help! By being shown alternate ways to perform an exercise by your coach, or simply the correct way to do the exercise, you will be able to continue working with the group while not compromising the area in which you feel pain.

Learning how to use the correct muscles may even help improve that painful area!