Cycle Moles: Performance Cycling

Funny name, serious results!

 Our 8-week Cycle Moles Training Camps are a performance enhancing, progressive training program. They are geared toward cyclists, but you don’t have to be a racer to reap the benefits of this training style.  No more worrying if you are working too hard or not hard enough – we’ve already planned that out for you so that you get stronger every week. This is the next best thing to having a personal coach.

Cycle Moles Training Includes:

  • Start with a private consultation and bike fit so you know exactly how to set up our Keiser M3i bikes for the best, most comfortable fit

  • 2X week training sessions that build with the right intensity throughout the 8 weeks

  • Heart Rate Threshold Assessment to identify your personal heart rate training zones

  • Power Threshold Assessment to identify your power (watts) range for each heart rate training zone

  • Functional Power Assessment - a gauge of your strength with watts so you can see improvement

  • Weekly topic with information that will help you to be a stronger, healthier cyclist

  • Interval training to improve your performance on hills, flats, and for speed

  • Samples! We love trying products

  • FREE Cycle Moles water bottle - we want you to stay hydrated

  • It’s LIVE - no watching boring videos on your own. Get real advice from real cycle coaches.

  • Party at the end of camp to celebrate your successes!

This is great preparation for our Summer Bike Adventure - a two-day guided ride with overnight at a fun hotel. Last year we had a 30-ish and 45-ish mile options from Bellingham to Lynden and back with an overnight at the adorable Inn at Lynden. So much fun!


level 1

Appropriate for those who have a base level of aerobic fitness. You’ll learn secrets that will change the way you ride to make you more efficient and powerful both indoors and outside.  Level 1 training sessions are 60 minutes and include a coached ride plus stretching.

level 2

For the seasoned cyclist, triathlete, endurance athlete or individual with a strong aerobic base who wants to improve cycling performance.  We heat up the intensity of the rides throughout the camp so that you’ll end with a much stronger level of fitness and improvements in your pedal stroke and power.  Level 2 training sessions are 90 minutes and include a 75 minute coached ride plus 15 minutes for the Core 100 and stretching.

Want to hear more about the Cycle Moles program? Click here to listen to the interview that Joey Stabile with Indoor Cycle Instructor//Pro had with Cycle Moles founder, Robin Robertson. She shares how and why the program was started with lots of fun information about program creation. 

“Cycle Moles” where’d that name come from?

Club owners Robin and Doug Robertson live in a lovely 1920’s home – with a creepy dark outside-access basement.  Before we offered cycling at the Club, they did all of their indoor training in their basement.  Doug would ask Robin “Are you going for a Mole Ride?”

Their mole-hole turned out to be an amazing test kitchen for developing the training rides that led to the Cycle Moles program – a program designed to enhance performance.  Our new RIDE studio makes being a Cycle Mole so much more fun - Fear the Mole!

Both levels meet twice per week and include heart rate and power threshold assessments.  
We strongly recommend using the MYZONE heart rate training system.