More than fitness.

We are your sweet spot in good health.

sweet spot? Oh yes.

You won’t find a big intimidating, impersonal big box gym or the limits of a small single purpose studio.  What you will find is the sweet spot: a warm, engaging community with superb facilities and variety to suit your fitness needs.
Our club is just the right size to help you feel welcomed, a part of what is going on, and confident in your activities here.  And then there is fun …. We like to enjoy our time together and you’ll almost always hear laughter as we enjoy sweat, successes, and smiles all around.

What's Your Thing?

We all have a “thing.”  It’s what makes you and your fitness journey unique.  It might be holding you back – maybe it’s a nagging injury, a fear of not knowing how to do it (or what might happen to your health if you don’t do it), a condition you must live with, or simply a hope that life can be better if you get stronger, move easier, and feel and look better.  Maybe your thing is driving you forward - getting ready for a trip you are taking, a reunion, a big event.

At BTTC, we celebrate that “thing.”   We get it.  We all have a thing, too.  Our awesome team is made of up people who have real life experience with ankle and knee replacements, heart attacks, MS, injuries and more. We strive to get the most out of life and to be ready for adventure and we want to help you do the same: overcome your obstacles to live a healthy and active life.   Our personal experience helps us work with you to make sure you feel confident: confident in the way you move, confident in the way you perform, confident in how you feel.