Healthy Knees Cycling

Got Knee Pain?

Do you suffer from aching knees?
Are you limited in your activity because of your knees (or afraid of making them hurt more)?
Are you recovering from a knee surgery and just can’t seem to get stronger?
Have you been curious about indoor cycling and want an entry to start?


We have good news for you!
When done correctly (and yes, there is a wrong way), indoor cycling is the perfect way to rehabilitate injuries, build strength, increase stability, and reduce your knee (hip and ankle) aches and pains.

The “Healthy Knees Cycle Camp” was designed by club owner Robin Robertson who knows all about knee pain.  She was born with a congenital knee defect, has had 11 corrective surgeries, and held off a knee replacement for more than 20 years through riding a bike – the right way.  She’s taken all the lessons from years of riding a bike and transformed it into the Healthy Knees Cycle Camp for you.

Healthy Knees Cycle Camp is an 8-week progressive program designed to help you build knee strength and confidence without any of that irritating impact that comes with walking or running.  Cycling is easy on your knees when you have your bike set up properly (we’ll help you with that!) and we’ll teach you the specific cycling techniques (how to sit comfortably, how fast and how hard to pedal) that are easy on your knees.  Healthy Knees camps start with a private meeting to talk about your knees and health and an individual bike fit so that you know exactly how to set up your bike every time (Value $85!)



healthy knees level I (60 minutes)

In our Level I camp, we start with 30-minute sessions on the bike followed by 30 minutes of strength and balance training and stretching.  We focus on the Healthy Knees Fundamentals of bike fit, body position, pedal speed, and pedal tension. We gradually work up to 45 minutes on the bike as you build stamina, power, and endurance. Not only will your knees feel better, but you will too!  This camp is ideal for anyone who has not been active on a regular basis.

healthy knees level II (60 min with 45 min on bike + 15 core & stretch)

In our Level II camp we build muscle and knee strength through interval training.  We continue to focus on the Healthy Knees Fundamentals while adding some challenges to build aerobic endurance as well as leg strength.  This camp is open for our Healthy Knees I graduates and others with a basic level of fitness.  Your knees (and your heart) will thank you!