Membership at BTTC

Move Better, Play Better, Live Better


We think you’ll love being a part of our Club community.  All of our memberships include these terrific benefits:

Membership Benefits Table.png

Jumpstarts- Get Started Right Away

Fitness Memberships

Every Fitness membership starts with a Fitness Jumpstart 60-minute training session so that we can help you get the very best start at the Club.  You’ll meet with a Personal Trainer one-on-one to talk about your goals and the best way to reach them.  Your Trainer will give you advice on what programs, classes, and equipment will benefit you the most and then show you how.  We want you to feel like a superstar, knowing just what to do whether you walk into a class or the training area.

Tennis Memberships

Every adult Tennis membership includes the Fitness Jumpstart (see above) plus the Tennis Jumpstart 60-minute tennis orientation where you’ll meet with your Tennis Pro and hit for about 30 minutes so that your pro can see your playing level (and give you some tips) followed by 30 minutes off-court to tell you about all the things going on at the Club.  We want to help you get signed up for the activities that interest you and make sure you know how to make tennis reservations on your own.  Then we get to work with arranging matches for you with other compatible players.


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