Middle School

Aces 3 (Beginners)

The Aces 3 Middle School Beginner Tennis Clinic is for middle school students with little or no tennis experience. Players will have fun while learning the fundamentals of the forehand and backhand ground strokes, volleys, and serve.

Competitions through games and contests lead into learning how to keep score and feel success with the game of tennis.

Our drills help hone eye-hand coordination, foot speed, and balance. Players will learn court etiquette, cooperation, and the importance of fair play. There are no pre-requisites for this clinic.

PREREQUISITE:  Middle School age, no experience necessary

PROGRESSION:  To graduate from Aces 3 to Aces 4 the student will be able to:

• Serve with consistency
• Maintain a long rally of 10 to 20 balls with their peers
• Understand and show the ability to use a variety of spins
• Be able to play and know how to play games and keep score for a whole match


Aces 4 (Intermediate-Advanced)

Aces 4 is a clinic for middle school aged players 11-14 who have the ability to maintain a long rally 20-50 balls, know how to play a tennis match, and are able to place the ball with some success. We will continue to develop knowledge of the rules of tennis, work on skills to place the ball with different paces, develop tennis fitness, and introduce singles and doubles strategy.

We emphasize good sportsmanship, proper court behavior, the importance of discipline and practice, as well as the key value of positive self-talk with the competitive mindset.

PREREQUISITE:  Students qualify by mastering the Aces 2 or Aces 3 Levels. If you are new to our Club, you must schedule a 30-minute placement tennis lesson to determine class placement for the intermediate and advanced clinics.

PROGRESSION:  To graduate from Aces 4 Middle School to Aces 6 High School, the student must:

• Serve with consistency and some placement
• Maintain a long rally with directions
• Understand and show the ability to use a variety of spins
• Be able to change paces
• Be able to play singles & doubles knowing how to score for a whole match
• Have approval from one of our Pros


JETT Program (Junior Elite Tennis Team)
Ages 14 & Under

Get tournament tough! Our JETT 14 & Under team is for junior players in the middle school level ages 11-14 who are looking to keep improving their game through higher expectation drill sessions, organized play, and tournament participation.  Our practices are longer than our typical tennis clinics for more court time and experience.  Sessions consist of match play with on-court coaching, drilling, conditioning exercises, video taping, mental toughness, tactics and strategy discussions. Our coaches also work behind the scenes to set up matches and tennis "buddies" for the JETT members.

Participation in JETT is by invitation only.