Myzone Fitness Tracker



MYZONE's physical activity belt delivers heart rate-based effort tracking
technology with 99.4% EKG-accuracy. Tracking your heart rate during a workout
is a proven way to efficiently achieve your goals. The MYZONE MZ-3 helps you get there.


Stream your effort data wherever you go

The MZ-3 allows you to view your physical activity data on your smartphone via bluetooth in addition to on our big-screen tv’s at the club via ANT+. We have 3 tv’s in the STRONG Training Zone and 2 in the RIDE Cycling Studio where you can monitor your MYZONE activity.

Enjoy added versatility

The versatility of the MZ-3 allows your new belt to connect with the MYZONE App as well as your other favorite fitness apps.

Keep track of your progress

With your MYZONE strap, you’ll also get a free cloud account.  When you login, you can see how far you've come, analyze your personal bests and get hungry for achieving even more. By creating connections, you can also view your friends' progress and they can view yours, which helps keep you accountable to achieving your fitness goals.

Get competitive and stay motivated

With MYZONE, you can create challenges to compete against your previous personal best and even get some friendly competition going between your family and friends. As you progress you can rank up and earn brag-worthy badges. Plus, we run quarterly MYZONE club challenges...with prizes!


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You can purchase your MYZONE for $149.99 + tax at the front desk.

Once you have your MYZONE, watch this video on how to Get Started: