Tennis Placement Lesson

Wondering what level of tennis clinic is the right one for you? 
Not sure of your National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP) level?


The Tennis Placement Lesson is the easiest and fastest way to understand your player level.  In this 30 minute lesson and hitting session, your Pro will hit with you, using a variety of drills and assessments, in order to evaluate your level of play.  Your pro will then complete the “Placement Lesson” form which indicates your playing level.  This will give you the confidence to enter into our programs at the correct level and/or to seek matches with others at your estimated NTRP.


For juniors and adults:  if you’ve never participated in tennis clinics at our club and do not currently hold an NTRP rating, you are required to take a Tennis Placement Lesson in order to qualify for our intermediate and advanced programming.