Tennis Clinics

See measurable results after taking one of our Tennis Clinics! Whether you want to learn tennis, knock the rust off, or improve your ranking, you will receive plenty of personalized feedback, attention and hitting time in these small group tennis lessons. Clinics are limited to six students per USPTA-certified Tennis Pro. Held 1-2 times per week they are a great way to see real improvement with professional instruction — at a fraction of the cost of private sessions.

Clinics are available for all playing levels from ages 5 through adult and are designed so you build on the weeks before to see real progress and advance your confidence and skills on the court.  We help you develop sound physical, technical, and tactical skills while enjoying the game through proper tennis etiquette and good sportsmanship while ensuring your tennis journey is fun, educational, and rewarding.

2019 Session Schedule

Late Spring: April 22 - June 16
Summer: June 24 - August 16

Eight-Week Late Spring Session

Aces 1 (Ages 5-8 Red Ball and Ages 8-11 Orange Ball) 

     Mon & Wed 3-4PM, or Thurs 2-3PM, or Sat 11:30-12:30PM

Aces 2 (Ages 8-11 Green Ball)  

     Tue & Thur 3-4PM

Aces 3 (Middle Sch.  Beg/Int) 

     Mon & Wed 5-6PM , or Sat 10:30-11:30AM

Aces 4 (Middle Sch. Int/Adv)

     Tue & Thur 5-6PM , or Sat 9:30-10:30AM

Aces 5 (HS JV)  

     Mon & Wed 4-5PM

Aces 6 (HS Varsity)   

     Tue & Thu 4-5PM

Nine-week Summer Session

June 24- Aug 22 (No clinics on 7/4)

Elementary School
Aces 1 (Ages 5-8, Red Ball) Mon or Wed, 3-4 pm

Aces 2 (Ages 8-11, Orange Ball) Mon or Wed, 3-4 pm

Aces 2 (Ages 8-11, Green Ball) Tue or Thur, 3-4 pm

Middle/High School

Aces 3 (Middle Sch. - Beg) Mon or Wed, 5-6 pm

Aces 4 (Middle Sch. - Int) Tue or Thurs, 5:15-6:15 pm

Aces 5 (JV High Sch.) Mon or Wed, 4-5 pm

Aces 6 (Varsity High Sch.) Tue or Thurs, 4-5:15 pm


Youth Tennis (Ages 5-18)

Your children will find gain skills and find success in our ACES Youth Tennis Clinics, designed so that the very young through competition-ready juniors have the opportunity to find success through caring instructors and appropriate racquet, ball, and court size.

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Professional tennis players have a whole team of coaches supporting them. At BTTC, we are your team. By working with our Tennis Pros and taking our Clinics, you will quickly improve your skills and gain confidence on the Court. See your ranking rise and enjoy the game more each day. And remember: there is always something to learn in tennis!

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