Want to play?  Tennis is a wonderful option at our club.  We offer a top-notch facility with 5 indoor courts and a dedicated ball machine court.

Tennis is called “the sport of a lifetime” for great reasons!

Tennis for all ages... and sizes!

Tennis for all ages... and sizes!

Enjoyable exercise:  You bet – it’s a game and you get to play with others.  Great for all ages 5-95+!

Mental release:  You’ll love the challenge of planning and making the shot.  This focus on the game helps clear your mind of all the other stresses in your life. 

Physical benefits: Tennis works your whole body and burns 250 to 500 calories per hour.

Social Connections: Yes— we’ll help match you with other players at a similar level so that you enjoy your time on the court.  Tennis is a social game, an excellent way to meet new people, and build long-term friendships.  It’s not just about the ball…it’s about the connections you make that bring joy into your life.

Room for Improvement: That’s up to you!  And part of the fun.  You can start playing tennis at any age and keep on improving.  Our Tennis Pros can help you with refining your strokes or playing strategy so you get the best angles on the game.

It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner or an old pro at tennis – we have a place for you.  We help all of our members at all levels to find enjoyment on the courts.  We’ll help match you up with other players and get you plugged in to all the happenings at the Club for fun, exercise, game improvement, competition (if you want it) and good times.

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